Tips for industrial gearbox maintenance

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Tips for industrial gearbox maintenance

Regular inspections of gearbox make sure that their efficiency is maintained. It also ensures that the life of this precious equipment is increased. Full as well as periodic partial inspections are very important in this regard. There are several sections of the gearbox which owners might not be aware of and therefore Gearbox repair and service should be hired for the task. Overhaul might also be required to avoid downtimes and for increased industrial efficiency. Gearboxes are the best ways of power transmission and therefore the internal structure is not simple. By following below mentioned tips owners can ensure that their gearboxes remain in line with their industrial work:

  1. Check the manufacturers

Choosing the right gearbox is an intimidating task in the wake of several models that are being made. There are several manufacturers and not all of them maintain the same level of quality. To get a gearbox with long lasting life it is therefore advised to check the manufacturer before making a purchase. The design specs of gearbox must match the output they produce. The maximum torque can only be achieved if the design of gearbox matches its output.

  1. Lubrication is the key

The oil level should always be considered if the gearbox is to be kept healthy. Gearbox life is increased if regular lubrication is done. The manufacturer manual should always be considered. The lubrication oil type and quantity should be considered. These factors should always be the ones which are specified by the manufacturer. Oil renewal is necessary which should be done at regular intervals. Season and temperature are other factors which should be considered.

  1. Check for the temperature

There are many parts in the gearbox which produce heat so this factor is a daunting one to address. It is recommended to get infrared temperature gun once the unit is purchased. The signs of abnormal heat should also be considered in this regard. Outer paint damage is the main factor to be looked for. The oil is also darkened and enormous heat is produced when the unit is working. Anyone or all of these abnormalities can be faced at the same time. For good maintenance it is therefore recommended to keep an eye on this issue.

  1. Expert advice is necessary

Gearbox owners must remain in touch with the professionals. Most of the manufacturers also provide such services so this should be asked on the purchase. Such professionals are well-versed in all the gearbox issues and their causes. Operational efficiency can only be increased if such professionals visit periodically. This will also save cost and will ensure that gearbox remains in best shape. The services of such professionals should be scheduled so that no downtime is suffered.

  1. Minimizing workplace effects

It is a known fact that gearboxes work in the dusty environment. Due to nature of work it is not possible to curb the situation. However the effects can be minimized. If gearboxes are dusted and cleaned on regular basis then this issue is eliminated. The surroundings should also be kept clean in order to make sure that no dust enters the unit through breathers.

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